Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The End is Here!

It's here! The end is here! This is potentially my last blog post as a university student! This semester has been filled with exciting activities, some less than inspiring topics but plenty of learning took place. In ICT I feel like I can take a lot of what we talked about directly into my future classroom.
I am certainly glad I was able to take this class as I know if I was on my own I know I would have never got into blogging, and reading other blogs. I would have never created my own website and certainly would have never created an ePortfolio or even known what that was! Hopefully my class website building skills come in handy in the future as this is a great way for parents to find information as well as contact the teacher!

I plan to keep everyone's blogs on hand to check back on to find resources if I am feeling a little less then creative! So peers make sure to contribute to the online world, and hopefully I will be inspired to contribute myself! Plus its a neat way to see what everyone will be up to after graduation! I expect everyone will be passing along their knowledge to the young'ns of the world so don't forget to help other teachers out with your spectacular ideas!!!

I am going to miss classes but I am SOOO ready to be the teacher!
Good luck to everyone in their placements and in their future teaching careers!

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